What Happy U can do for you

Happy U will help you figure out how you can use yoga to make yourself healthier and happier on a daily basis. You will do this by discovering what it means to you to be happy, and by taking small, specific steps to enhance your life and brighten your outlook. You will use recent developments in neuroscience and traditional yogic ideas to enhance each area of your life, whether it’s your health, your work, your relationships, or your experiences of joy and contentment.

Health Wellness

Are you feeling strong, vital and pain-free on a daily basis? Do you have energy for everything you want to do?

Work Vocation

Do you find your work fulfilling? Do you feel like you are having a positive impact on the world or someone’s life?

Love Relationships

Do you have strong meaningful relationships in your life that provide support and accept you as you are?

Fun Play

Are you able to do stuff just for fun and find joy in small things every day? Are you enjoying your life?

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We will use yoga, reading and reflection to change how we process the world and react to it.
With that, we can rise above our circumstances and affect change in a positive way.

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Every month we read one book and discuss it – we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!


Challenge we are taking now

Every week we take one challenge to encourage positive mood in the present and positive outlook for the future. Are you up for a challenge?